To- Read

Does anyone else have the problem of not finishing a book all the way?
I have shelves of unfinished books. Unfinished for various reasons. Some were just not worth finishing. Others, another book caught my fancy so I left the first book for the new one.

My “To-Read” list of books have gotten out of control.
I’m currently reading Jesus Is _____. by Judah Smith. I’m actually really liking it and will be used for an upcoming sermon series. E14A4607-EE24-4339-8392-23B0A14D81C3

But that’s the sight that faces me every time I sit on my desk.
And Jesus Is _____ was an impulse buy.

It’s adding unnecessary stress in my life. Why I’m stressing over it? I have no idea.
My Spiritual Director said that I made an unpleasant face when talking about my to-do list. I just don’t like incomplete things in my life, I guess. I don’t like the red notifications on my iPhone/Pad. So, to have these books sitting there and taunting me… well I don’t like it.

The real problem is, I have to stop buying books before finishing current books. 

So. I resolve to not buy anymore books until half of those books are all read. (With one exception — The 3rd book in the Divergent series. But that’s due out in like October. Hopefully, I’ll be done with half of these books by then. Hopefully).

The real sad thing is, I’ve already started on, like, 6 of those books…

No more new books until half of them are read and done.

May my eyes, mind, and soul be open to new ideas and insights.

Yay, reading!


One thought on “To- Read

  1. I have a huge stack of unfinished books. Yours are more organized than mine. Mine pile up by the side of my bed, until I rerturn them to the shelf with shame for not having read them all the way through. I also have a huge number that sit on my shelves waiting to be read at all. I’m pretty sure it’s an addiction because if you send me to the book store with money in hand, I will buy more. Happy reading! Good luck as you push through.

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