• Success and Ministry

    Quick. Name the most successful pastor you know. Was it a pastor from a large, large church? Like Rick Warren? Bill Hybels? Rob Bell? Adam Hamiltion? Joel Osteen? To name a few. Or a pastor who have written best sellers? Like… the pastors I just mentioned… Let’s face it. When push comes to shove, we… Continue Reading

  • More Than 140 Characters: How is it NOT racist?

    Please. If you have to start off a sentence with, “I’m not racist, but…” Or, “I’m not homophobic, but…” Or, “I’m not crazy, but…” Or, “I’m not a jerk, but…” You are, mostly likely going to be, what you just said you’re not. There was a horrible and indefensible crime committed when 2 teenagers beat an 89… Continue Reading

  • On Death and Dying

    In college, I took a religion course entitled “Death and Dying.” I can’t remember anything from that class. Except, I really appreciated Dr. Crawford, even though he was a bit of a hard ass. This was my second class with him, and in one of the two classes, he returned an essay of mine filled… Continue Reading

  • Shameless Plug/Self-Promotion

    So, this is availabletoday on Amazon. It’s a 4-session Bible study for the Converge Bible Studies. Shane Raynor (from Ministry Matters) contacted me a while ago with Converge Bible Studies and asked if I wanted to be part of it. Without hesitating, I said “yes.” Then came choosing the topic. I had no idea. So… Continue Reading

  • Chocolate Covered Poop – Style and Substance

    A couple of weeks ago, writer and blogger Rachel Evans wrote a piece for CNN on why the millennials might be leaving the church. (Last week, she wrote another article for CNN on why the millennials need the church.) One of her arguments was that substance is more important than style. Which I fully agree.… Continue Reading