Shameless Plug/Self-Promotion

So, this is availabletoday on Amazon.Practical Prayer
It’s a 4-session Bible study for the Converge Bible Studies.
Shane Raynor (from Ministry Matters) contacted me a while ago with Converge Bible Studies and asked if I wanted to be part of it. Without hesitating, I said “yes.”
Then came choosing the topic. I had no idea. So I picked prayer, because I figured it wouldn’t be too hard. Boy did I figure wrong.
I sent many emails to Shane stemming from my insecurity. It didn’t help that he sent me studies from other people who were far more talented than I am. I mean, he sent it to help me and have it serve as a guideline to help me along, but I became more neurotic.
By the grace of God, it’s done. And it was a fun journey. I am honored and humbled to be part of the Converge series and grateful that Shane, for reason unbeknownst to me, decided to ask me to be part of this.

There are great bible studies in the Converge series. Check those out, too like:
Our Common Sins
Who You Are in Christ
Kingdom Building
And more that are coming out later this year.
Also, check out Ministry Matters, as well. It’s a great site for resources for ministry.

So, swing by Amazon and pick up a copy of my bible study. 🙂
Thanks for letting me shamelessly promote myself.

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