• Have An A1 Day

    It's no secret: I like television. And, I like television shows that many Christians will give me the Church-Lady look over. I've been thinking about my top 5 favorite shows. Scrubs has to be one. The Wire. Sopranos. Friday Night Lights. And Lost. And now, I have to figure out how Breaking Bad fits into… Continue Reading

  • Pastor Dress Code (Cont.)

    note: this originally appears on Ministry Matters. Go there to join in the conversation that already has started, or come and start a new one here. As always, thanks for reading and your time. One of the most read posts on my blog deals with the “dress code” of clergy. What is the appropriate attire… Continue Reading

  • Jesus Is The Solution

    I don’t think we often know what to say when people pour their hearts out to us. We, however, desperately want to say something — anything — to help them out. Something wise. Something worthwhile. Something that can really make a difference in their pain; discernment; anger; confusion; being lost. But we don’t. We rarely do. Or… Continue Reading

  • Moving Together

    Here is my post that is on Ministry Matters: As part of the Lewis Fellows Program, we got to visit Jacob’s Well church in Kansas and spent a couple of hours talking to the founding pastor Tim Keel. He went on to tell us about the Four Movements of Change that can occur in a… Continue Reading

  • Don’t Drink, Do Drugs, and Argue Theology…?

    I’ve always found it silly when a friend of mine in seminary would insist on tackling deep theological topics or try to convert someone to believe in Christ whilst they were hammered. I found it silly because he could barely string together understandable sentences. The conversation will be filled with slurred and made up words.… Continue Reading

  • JL8 (and Other Things)

    So, I ran across a webcomic that I absolutely am in love with. It’s called JL8, and it basically is about the Justice League as 8 year olds. Yale Stewart is the genius behind this great comic strip. I meant to get some work done when I stumbled upon this, but ended up reading all (then)… Continue Reading