JL8 (and Other Things)

So, I ran across a webcomic that I absolutely am in love with.
It’s called JL8, and it basically is about the Justice League as 8 year olds.
Yale Stewart is the genius behind this great comic strip.
I meant to get some work done when I stumbled upon this, but ended up reading all (then) 140 strips.

Here are some of my favorite moments:
This one was just sad…

And this one:

(PS. Flash continues to be one of my favorites…)
And, yes. I’m 32, almost 33 years old. But that’s besides the point.
Calvin and Hobbes continues to touch my heart the same way it did when I first discovered them at the age of 13. My parents always harassed me to read a “real” book. But no “real” book ever spoke to me the way Bill Watterson’s characters did. And I also admire Watterson’s integrity to believe in his characters and not make million dollars off of them by licensing them. That’s why I get real annoyed when I see Calvin decals on cars. Especially ones depicting Calvin praying. 

And even at the age of 30 (okay, fine 32), I still get lost in the worlds of Superman and Batman and Flash and the X-Men. I’m okay with that, too.

Don’t you dare Jesus Juke me. 🙂
At one point, I thought I still enjoyed these things because of nostalgia; that it reminded me of my younger days. But that’s not it. The simple and honest truth is, I really enjoy them.
And I’ll still pay (up to) $11 to go watch any movie with my comic book heroes in them. Marvel, WB (and DC) will always have a sucker in me.
And, I’m totally cool with that.

Anyway. Just wanted to share JL8 with you.
Also, just purchased Lorde’s EP. And am loving that, too.
And am looking forward to Gungor’s “I Am Mountain” album coming out later this month as well.

And while I’m at it, forgive me for self-promoting myself (it does feel quite awkward), but you can purchase a Bible study I wrote on Amazon or Cokesbury. It’s cheaper on Cokesbury.

I’m also looking for some good music and good books, so if you have any recommendations, please share them with me.

As always, thank you so much for reading.

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