Have An A1 Day

It's no secret: I like television.

And, I like television shows that many Christians will give me the Church-Lady look over.

I've been thinking about my top 5 favorite shows. Scrubs has to be one. The Wire. Sopranos. Friday Night Lights. And Lost.

And now, I have to figure out how Breaking Bad fits into that list.

I have been obsessed with this show. I was introduced to it late and we Netflixed like maniacs to catch up because I wanted to experience the end of the story with the entire country (I think over 10 million viewed the finale).

After each Sunday, I would check out a couple of blogs to see what others caught that I didn't (my two favorites sites: Grantland and Slash Film).

I also think I may have made some inappropriate references on twitter using the hashtag #METHodist (thankfully no one really pays attention to my twitter account).

I had my crockpot theory of how the show would end (I was close, but not really).

But, I don't remember a show giving me this much satisfaction as it ended its run.

*SPOILERS* (these shows have ended years ago…)

Sopranos ending did, for me, tarnish the entire series — but I came to the conclusion (like many others) that Tony was taken out in front of his family at the diner — that the sudden cut to black was Tony being snuffed out.

Scrubs finale was perfect — but they came out with another season (sort of like a spinoff) that just wasn't up to par.

FNL — I love the Taylors. Clear Eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose. (…unless you're Romney…). I love #33 and I absolutely loved Michael B. Jordan's Vince. And I love it when FNL cast succeed. I'm rooting for Taylor Kitsch. I'm happy to see Michael B. Jordan gaining success (Apollo Creed's grandson!). I loved seeing Landry again — although he was super creepy in Breaking Bad. (Landry! Crucifixtorious, Landry! Saracen's best friend!) I loved that Coach finally sacrificed his career for Tammy. But that last Hail Mary play (how many successful Hail Mary plays are out there, outside of Doug Flutie and Boston College?)… it would've been the miracle of miracles. It's such a cheap, overused ploy. And they didn't even show how the play unfolded in the endzone.

The Wire — that was just a fantastic show. I don't think I had any issues with it.

Lost — I loved the ending. Many didn't. My wife resented the fact that I made her sit through 6 years of it. The payoff wasn't what one imagined. But it was good.

But Breaking Bad… it ended so perfectly (for me.) It tied all ends. Not so many questions remaining (unlike Lost). Well, except — Is Huell still waiting in the house waiting for Hank to come tell him it's okay to go back outside?

This story was through and through about Walter White. That final scene with Walter lying on the ground and the song “Baby Blue” playing was so satisfying — much more than Lost's last scene of Jack lying on the ground watching the plane fly over him. (The writer's of Dexter needs to take lessons from Vince Gilligan's crew.)

It's rather odd how much emotional ties I have with a TV show.

It's was interesting to realize how happy I was for Jesse, even though he is not innocent by any means.

And it was interesting to see how much I still felt for Walter, even after all that he has done.

My two favorite scenes were when Walter finally told Sklyer that he did this for himself. Because he liked it. Because he was good at it.

And the last look that Walter and Jesse shared.

It's strange that as the end credits role, I was left with a bittersweet feeling. It was like saying goodbye to a friend. What will I obsess over next? (S.H.I.E.L.D.?)

What a great ride. What a great show. What great characters. What great writing. And what great acting.

I'm sure somewhere in our churches a bible study or sermon series will be done with Breaking Bad, there are plenty of ample themes you can choose: hubris; is anyone beyond redemption?; forgiveness; and so forth.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on and on.

I'm just happy and oddly relieved the way Breaking Bad ended. Just wanted to share.

Have an A1 day.

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