• “I miss you saying Merry Christmas.” – Jesus

    Someone had posted a picture of that billboard on their Facebook.First off, let’s get real. Jesus’ real birthday wasn’t December 25.  Secondly, I think, more than we not being able to say “Merry Christmas” or having a nativity scene or whatever war we think culture is waging on Christmas– the fact that we, Christians (along… Continue Reading

  • #RAK (Random Acts of Kindness)

    Hi Folks, Sorry for the lack of updates — and there will be a bit sparse here and there as I have been graciously asked to write another study in the Converge Bible Study Series. So my thoughts have been ruminating on that, since I need to have it done by February. But today, I… Continue Reading

  • Hi. I’m a Pastor, but a Normal Human Being

    Well… “normal” is relative. I, much like my very dear childhood friend Calvin, also found it incredibly odd to see teachers outside of the classroom. Thinking that they had “normal” lives was something I could not comprehend. Especially those teachers who would not raise a single eyebrow of his/her students if one were to discover… Continue Reading