#RAK (Random Acts of Kindness)

Hi Folks,
Sorry for the lack of updates — and there will be a bit sparse here and there as I have been graciously asked to write another study in the Converge Bible Study Series.
So my thoughts have been ruminating on that, since I need to have it done by February.

But today, I just wanted to share with you a video that I came across that one of my former youth students made.
One of my favorite memories of Sam is during a SSP trip (Sierra Service Project), he declared that he could give me the world’s most awkward hug. I accepted his challenge and declared that could give a more awkward hug. Maybe not the best story to share, because as I am reading this — it feels very awkward. But let’s just say, hands down — I know how to give the world’s most awkward hugs.

Anyway, he’s a talented and very warm human being who is a blast to be around.

This video made my day as he proceeds to make the day of random strangers. Good stuff.
(follow him on twitter)

Merry Christmas!

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