• So Begins a Whole New Journey

    We are officially certified to be foster parents! I have no idea what's in store for us. And in no way are we thinking that everything will be easy — over simplifying everything. We're not tricking ourself thinking that all will be well and everything will be a breeze in the park. Besides, nothing worthwhile… Continue Reading

  • Entitled

    This sense of entitlement is poison for our churches — especially when we, clergy, walk around talking about how we’re entitled to such and such and such. How different would our lives; churches; perspectives; world be if we viewed ourselves as entrusted rather than entitled?

  • 20 Days

    Today, my dad embarks on his final journey of fasting with a 20 day fast. I just ask that you keep him in prayer during these next 20 days. I had a whole bunch of words that I typed documenting my thoughts and feelings and all sorts of things. But call it a writer's block… Continue Reading

  • 10,000 Steps

    We’re starting off the new year with a vacation, so my posts will be sparse once again. By the time you read this, I’ll be stranded in the wilderness that is Los Angeles. Or the Valley. Like, totally. I also have been asked to write another Converge Bible Study — this time an even more… Continue Reading