• The Christians Propensity to Overreact: Noah

    I don’t like how we jump to conclusions without even knowing what the issue is. People demonize Rob Bell even before his book Love Wins came out — that’s right, before reading it. Months before Aronofsky’s Noah came out, some Christians were already “boycotting” it and asking other Christians to not see it. That it wasn’t a faithful interpretation of the biblical story.… Continue Reading

  • Dear Churchgoers

    note: this post originally appeared on Ministry Matters. Please head over to their site to see all the other great resources and articles. (www.ministrymatters.com) This may make me sound like I’m either complaining or not good at my job. Neither is the case, though the latter can be debated. The truth is, I’m not a… Continue Reading

  • Church People Say The Darndest Things Pt. 4

    Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.   So I know my wonderful church folks say this because they care for us and are looking out for us. But I can’t help but thing what a really weird thing it is to hear. Ever since we’ve introduced the Little Dude (formerly known as Nate Dogg) to our loving congregation, many… Continue Reading

  • Jealousy and Foreskins

    (I know. What a weird title. Did I get your attention, though? Ha.) When I began my ministerial career, this chapter laid out the awful and detrimental affects of jealousy for me.1 Samuel 18 has always been a fascinating chapter for me. I'm sure Saul was grateful for David's contribution to the defeat of the… Continue Reading

  • In Finding My Routine

    Hi. I'm back! For the most part. Sort of. It's been an overwhelming (in a good way) past month. Most of my mental cap space was used on finishing my bible study for the Converge Bible Study series and getting used to life with our Little Dude. There's a lot of adjustments that I had… Continue Reading