Heigh Ho Silver!

My favorite NFL team has a insensitive and racial team name.

My favorite basketball team was under fire — well the owner was — this past weekend for racist comments (and rightfully so. Shame on anyone who tried to defend him in any way, yes, Mr. Trump, that includes you, too).

On the way to the gym, I heard Commissioner Adam Silver's press conference on what he decided to do. And wow. I did not expect that. I hoped for that, but didn't expect it.

A lot of thoughts ran through my mind.
First — Donald Sterling has always been like this. There were all sorts of allegations throughout his tenure as owner. But the thing was, Clippers were awful. Awful. So awful it was easy to ignore them (and all of Sterling's glory) altogether.

But with Doc Rivers coming on, with DeAndre Jordan elevating his defense, Blake Griffin elevating his game altogether, and Chris Paul the best PG in the NBA — Championship is a bit more than just a pipe dream. We (yes, I said “we”) have a legitmate chance to win.

Success brings with it a microscope.
That's why integrity is important. Your integrity is who you are when no one else is watching; when pressure is so thick on you; when it really counts. Sure, you can fake it until you make it — but eventually, people will catch on to what kind of person you really are.

I'm also reminded of how we need to take care of little things. Because little things add up to become big things. Those who can be entrusted with little, can be entrusted with a lot.

David being a good and faithful shepherd for so many years proved to God what kind of king David would be. If he risked his life against lions and bears for his sheep, what length would he go for his people; his kingdom?

As for Adam Silver, 2 months or so into the job, he had this to deal with. People who were asking him to kick Sterling out; take charge or whatever forget that the commissioner works for the owners, not the other way around.

No matter how right a decision may be, doing the right thing always takes courage. And for Silver to lay down the law like he did, that was courageous. And I don't think it was as easy as we think it may have been. He was 15 minutes late to the press conference and TMZ leaked that Silver was looking to indefinitely suspend Sterling (less severe punishment than the one actually given); and Silver admitted that he had made the decision this morning. And I'm sure Sterling will file a lawsuit and am sure that Silver is expecting it. No matter how obviously right this decision was, I don't think it was that easy to make and any time you have to make the right call, it takes courage — otherwise, we'd all be doing the right thing every single time.

I kind of wonder what David Stern would've done and I, for one, am inclined to think it wouldn't have been what Silver did.

Hopefully, the Clippers can put this behind them and beat the Warriors tonight.
I hope that the owners vote to force Sterling to sell and this vote will take place soon.

On top of that, to further stick it to the Lakers, I hope that Magic Johnson, as he suggested, buy the team with his group and become the face of the Clippers.


3 thoughts on “Heigh Ho Silver!

  1. Yeah, it would be cool if Magic Johnson could be involved with the team purchase…….I like your blog and I’ve been thinking about you. Very blessed to see how far you’ve come from that young boy in Sunday School in Hawaii. Tell your mom and Dad we said hello. Love in Christ, Charles and Jean Johnson

    1. CJ?!?
      Dude. I was JUST thinking about y’all and wondering where everyone is living and how everyone is doing!!!!

      Is that your email address associated with your comment? (I’m the only one that can see it)

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