• The Salt and Pepper Diner (And Preaching)

    Recently, I drove to San Francisco to see my dear friend from high school that was there from Okinawa. My rental car had XM radio. I realized that on the 10 hour car ride (round trip) I spent most of my time listening to the the two stand-up channels (Comedy Central and Laugh USA —… Continue Reading

  • The Daily Grind and Parking

    Recently, I've been attending a local coffee spot called the Daily Grind to feed my caffeine addiction and to work. Their coffee is good. It's still not my favorite place for coffee in Santa Barbara. That honor goes to the French Press. But here's the thing — I hate the parking situation in downtown SB… Continue Reading

  • When Harry Met Sally

    For 3 weeks, our foster son's older sister stayed with us. Her foster family had a out-of-country family trip and couldn't take her with them. It was a crazy 3 weeks, which I'm thankful that it is all over. Writing that sentence leaves me feeling relieved and guilty. A lot of patience was required for… Continue Reading

  • How is it with your soul?

    I wrote two blog posts for Ministry Matters, basically, about the same thing. Space to Breathe and Distracted. And I think I wrote them a month apart. But they’re so similar in subject and written so close together — I’m wondering if my soul is trying to tell me something and I’ve been ignoring it.… Continue Reading

  • And Year 3 Has Arrived

    There are 3 times throughout the year where I do some serious self reflection. November 14 (my birthday. Gifts welcomed). January 1.July 1 (July 1 is when appointments in the United Methodist Church begin). This year’s July 1 came and went rather quickly. I don’t even really remember what happened on my 3rd first Sunday… Continue Reading