How is it with your soul?

I wrote two blog posts for Ministry Matters, basically, about the same thing.
Space to Breathe and Distracted.

And I think I wrote them a month apart. But they’re so similar in subject and written so close together — I’m wondering if my soul is trying to tell me something and I’ve been ignoring it.

Perhaps it’s time to sit down and ask myself, “How is it with your soul?”
But honestly, I’m a bit afraid to, because I don’t know where that question will guide my thoughts.
You know, like when you’re lying in bed and you can’t sleep and you let your mind wander and you keep going further into the rabbit hole and whatever chance of sleep you had is gone because your brain is messing with you.

But it’s a good question to ask and reflect on.

So, then, how is it with your soul?

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