Real Quick Thoughts on the Forever Bible Kickstarter Campaign

Earlier last week, I wrote that I pledged to the Forever Bible Campaign.
As soon as that post went live, I received tweets and comments about the possible shadiness of the person who is in charge of that Kickstarter campaign.

I wasn’t going to pay any attention to it, but for funsies decided to check the comment threads of Mr. Casey’s current campaign (Forever Bible) and his previous campaign — one that has many people disgruntled.
At first, I thought it was just haters hating. It is the Internet, after all. But after reading through all those comments from his other campaign, it seemed like all the people really wanted was information. Why haven’t they received their products or receive a refund? Or why are there no updates? And so forth.

Some were tactful. Others were downright troll-ish.
So then I started reading some of the over 1000 comments on the Forever Bible Kickstarter page. Most of them were fairly negative towards Mr. Casey. Uncalled for, a lot of times, but it’s the Internet. And a lot of those folks feel that they have been swindled by Mr. Casey. I also learned that you could already purchase a waterproof Bible from the original manufacturers of the Forever Bible. It’s just that you have designs to choose from with the Kickstarter campaign.

But what was odd (and annoying) was the people spamming the comment sections — people that seemed suspiciously tied with Mr. Casey. It was like when people were commenting on Chic-Fil-A’s facebook page after their PR mishap (or to some, PR victory) they created a fake teenage girl’s profile and spammed the page with praises for Chic-Fil-A.

The last straw for me was when Mr. Casey’s father (or brother — according to folks) came on to this blog to comment. It just annoyed me for some reason, so I cancelled my pledge. Not that it made a difference because by then, their raised their goal.

But as of now, their Kickstarter page is down for intellectual property dispute. Which is a shame. I really was hoping that they’d be successful. I don’t have anything against them. Nor do I think the Forever Bible was out there to “scam” people (as some have accused).

Besides, my wife was like, “Why do you need a new Bible?”
“Because, it’s waterproof. And stuff.”
“Why do you need a waterproof Bible?”
“Because. It sounds cool.”
But she was right. I didn’t need another Bible and I don’t really need a waterproof one.

3 thoughts on “Real Quick Thoughts on the Forever Bible Kickstarter Campaign

  1. hi Joseph, I was checking the internet on what happened to the campaign.
    So is the product a fake one? or is there a real Forever Bible?
    I was planning to pledge on it as well.

      1. Too bad.. I was planning to support them.
        Thanks for your article and info. I didnt know about that link you gave

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