Why I Don’t Believe in the Resurrection

Y’all. I’m messing with you. Just trolling to get cheap traffic onto this post.

I’ll be gone this week to Seattle for a personal retreat.
My main goal is to get sermon series down for the rest of this year and for all of 2015. And a side goal is to put a dent on my to-read book shelf.
(If you have any ideas for a sermon series, please share!)

And to be terribly honest, I feel a bit drained spiritually. So, I feel the need to:

  • (re)connect with God
  • breathe
  • be breathed into
  • pray
  • be inspired
  • take time to focus on what I can bring to the table as a pastor and to focus on how to address the glaring weaknesses in a manner that doesn’t burn me out.

Just to name a few. I plan to do this through coffee. And a lot of it. My goal is to hit as many Seattle coffee shops as possible and through the aroma of coffee and the allure of Seattle, let the Spirit guide; inspire; renew; refresh me before I return to Santa Barbara.

And I figure, if the Spirit don’t jolt me, the insane amount of caffeine coursing through my veins may do something.

So here’s to coffee; reading; planning; writing; journaling; conversing about God; praying; networking; and Seattle.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I will be attentive to where the Spirit may be leading me.

One thought on “Why I Don’t Believe in the Resurrection

  1. I recommend Bishop John Shelby Spong’s book: Resurrection Myth or Reality. A Bishop’s Search for the Origins of Christianity.

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