• Party Like It’s 1999!

    At the end of 2007, I remember having an exchange with the BOOM (Board of Ordained Ministry) registrar about my written exams. I had turned in everything that was required of me for provisional elder status — that is, except VHS tapes of my sermon. We were required to send copies of a worship we… Continue Reading

  • #FreeSimmons

    I’m a huge Bill Simmons fan. He’s one of my favorite sports writers. Of course he has a lot of haters, but when you are that well known, you’re going to have many detractors as well as fans. ESPN suspending him for 3 weeks for calling Goodell a liar and (sort of) daring his bosses… Continue Reading

  • Looking for Guest Posts

    Greetings! If you want to share your thoughts on this blog, please leave a comment with your contact info. Don’t worry, I won’t allow that comment to go public (all comments on this blog have to be approved by me before they go live). The reason why I reached out to a bunch of my… Continue Reading

  • Non-Negotiables Part II

    Recently, I posted a blogpost about my Non-Negotiables when it comes to my faith and beliefs. I wrote it for my blog and didn’t really censor myself (not that I said anything bad) but it was picked up by Ministry Matters (for which I’m grateful). I wrote that for me; to explain what I believe… Continue Reading

  • Speaking of God (Guest Post)

    (This is a guest post from another former youth student. They wanted to remain anonymous. He was a great kid and has grown up to be a great person. She's bright, deep, insightful, smart, and on top of all that, has a wicked sense of humor. It seems like he is on the path on… Continue Reading

  • Overrated (and My Moms)

    I finished reading Eugene Cho’s book, Overrated over the weekend. It’s a tribal thing, but I always want to support fellow Asians, particularly Koreans. It’s why I need to watch The Walking Dead. It’s why I have a copy of Better Luck Tomorrow on DVD. It’s why Jim Lee continues to be my favorite comic… Continue Reading