Looking for Guest Posts


If you want to share your thoughts on this blog, please leave a comment with your contact info. Don’t worry, I won’t allow that comment to go public (all comments on this blog have to be approved by me before they go live).

The reason why I reached out to a bunch of my former students to get them to share their thoughts and insights was born out of a pure self-serving and lazy place. I just wanted to keep this blog updated regularly.

But it’s been real neat to read the posts from my former students. It’ll be cool if they (or you) want to continue to be a contributor. I have no qualms of changing the URL from josephyoo.com into something more inclusive and give Grantland a run for its money. (Ha!)

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Please keep it faith-related (which is generic enough, right?)
  • Please don’t write a novel.
  • Please be appropriate (and I laugh at myself because I’m one of the most inappropriate persons around). What I mean is — don’t be hateful. Don’t be crass or offensive for the sake of being crass or offensive. Don’t write for the sake of trolling. Or don’t single someone out in a shameful way. We’ll discuss things in detail if you’re interested.
  • Please follow through. If you say you’re gonna do it, please do it.
  • AND — know that I have the final say if the post goes live or not (and have the right to edit)

I hope those aren’t too limiting.

So, leave a comment if you’re interested and we’ll talk.

As always, thanks for reading!

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