The Gospel For Those Who Need It (Guest Post)

(Guest Author wanted to remain anonymous — for no real clear reasons. 😉 He currently lives in Hawaii and is enjoying all the Aloha Hawaii has to offer)

In light of Jesus saying, “It is not the healthy who need the doctor, but the sick,” my goal is that God would allow me to encourage those who may be feeling “sick” in this world through my own personal experiences:

For those who may feel worthless: If the POTUS or any other high position person came up to you and said, “I like you, let’s hang,” how would that make you feel? I would feel like a million bucks and feel like I am worth a whole lot in this world. Now, what if God, who created all the people in this world, all the beauty in this world, and all the wonders of this universe, thought you were worth something so much so that He gave His one great possession up in order to be with you, how would that make you feel? (John 3:16)

For those who may be feeling like an absolute failure: When did Jesus command you to be successful? In speaking of Jesus, God told everyone around that, “This is my Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased,” before Jesus did anything in ministry. Now, through the cross and through what Jesus did and his (not our) success, we are now adopted as sons and daughters with God having the same heart for you.

For those who may be in deep need: If God gave His kid up because of a deep need in You, will He not fulfill the other deep needs that are in you? (Rom 8:32). The gospel is a great sign that God will not leave us in our needs for this place.…And please know that I am not speaking of the external needs (money, position, a wife or husband) but rather what these external needs fill internally (security, respect, love).

For those who may be going through a really rough time: The cross is a great example of God’s plan for everyone’s life. Jesus, stripped of all his glory and majesty, came and was trapped, beaten and nailed to the cross only to die, but God’s glory awaited Him through His resurrection. For those who are feeling the cross at this moment, being trapped, the beating, the nailing, maybe even the death, remember, there is glory to come that is not worth comparing to the junk you’re going through.
(Rom 8:18, 2 Cor 4:17)



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