• Happy Birthday, Kiddo

    This week, we celebrate the kid’s 4th birthday. Looking back at this year, I’m surprised the 3 of us made it this far — alive. Sure, my wife and I lost a little bit of sanity and we probably aged a bit in the past 8 months. But, hey… at least we have our…? …… Continue Reading

  • Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

    Decision making is an integral part of being a pastor and a leader. I just never realized just how much decisions there are that we need to make.Some are small — like the color of the carpet. I was tempted to say “small and insignificant” but I’ve heard stories where the color of the carpet… Continue Reading

  • I Stand With Frank

    Today, there will be a vigil for Pastor Frank Schaefer at the Isla Vista United Methodist Church as he (and we) wait for the final verdict to be given about his standing in the United Methodist Church. This (and by “this” I mean the issue of homosexuality) is (and has been) such a divisive issue. Regardless of… Continue Reading

  • People (Blogs) You Should Know: Sarah Heath

    Sarah Heath and I go way back. By that, I mean around 2009ish, when we were both serving different churches in Orange County. But you should check out her blog and follow her on twitter. She’s a great writer, communicator, artist, and a pastor. We both were ordained as elders in the California-Pacific Conference in… Continue Reading