People (Blogs) You Should Know: Andrew Conard

I went to seminary with Andrew.

Every time I think of Andrew, I remember him getting up early in the morning to care for the lawns of the seminary (for his job). It could be freezing or hot and muggy, regardless, he’d be up and working. I vividly remember just how… happy he seemed working when I finally got my butt out of bed. He seemed at peace. Joy-filled, even. And he’s been up since like 6am! There’s not enough coffee in the world for me to even attempt faking to look the way he felt at 6am…

He and his wife were both in my Covenant Disciple group.

My fondest memory of his wife, Nicole:

There was a huge spider in my room — big enough that it kept me from staying in my room. I had to dispose of it. So I went down to Andrew’s room to see if he or his roommate, Adam, were there. Nope.

So I walked back to my floor trying to see if someone, anyone, was available to help me get rid of this humongous spider.

Everyone was either in class or out, except Nicole. She graciously came in my room with her slippers, smacked the life out of it, grabbed a paper towel, and carried the now dead (yay!) spider out of the room. She never made me feel ashamed about it (though I felt like I surrendered my man-card that day).

Anyway, Andrew offers great thoughts on United Methodism and is very pastoral in his blog, offering things like a template for pre-marital counseling. He’s on point and to the point — none of the babbling that I do on my blog. I think his is a great blog to read, especially, if you are a United Methodist.

Andrew’s Blog

Andrew’s Twitter

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