#whyIbelieve: Jin Kyung

If you want to share on why you believe in God, please email me at pastorjosephyoo(@)gmail(.)com (remove all the parentheses). 

Jin Kyung currently lives in Kapolei, HI. While I admit that my fantasy football team isn’t the greatest, I’m far better off than our commissioner, who at the time of writing this, is still winless at 0-9. You can follow Jin Kyung on twitter

I believe in God because I beat Pastor Joseph Yoo’s Peyton Manning led fantasy football team without having a quarterback start for me. #EZ

To be fair, his team sucks; but so does he.

In all honesty, this is a question I’m frustrated in myself for not immediately knowing the answer. For someone who is so keen into asking the question “why?” in everything I do, the most important thing I believe in is the rationale I avoid most.

My God, Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Maybe it’s because there is no logical explanation for my belief in God. It’s completely spiritual. I feel God laugh with me in my joy and hurt with me in my sorrow, and he’s been at the forefront of my healing.

I am loved by my Heavenly Father. I am daily reminded of this through God’s beautiful creation.

I will never fully understand the concept of love but I know God IS love. Throughout the rest of my life, I will always strive to match the love God has shown me. My God is good to me.

Scripture says, by keeping his commands, I’m showing God my love and I am faithful in his word.

Faith without works is dead because it’s not faith, its belief.

Faith, I believe is belief through actions. God has actively taken ahold of my life. I “hear” God in the choices I make. While there are times I ignore God’s voice, God does not give up on me. Instead, God continuously guides me in the path of righteousness to do what’s good.

He is always there to listen to my prayers and will never leave one unanswered.

God continues to seek me and continues to feed my spirit. Because of this, I believe that I’m a better — more complete– person.

I don’t think I can rationally explain my faith in God. For me, rather than trying to intellectually figure everything out, I choose to come to God through complete surrender, offering all I am and all I have to God.


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