#whyIbelieve: Patrick

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We live in a time of great skepticism and with the use of the Internet the skeptics seemed to be louder than ever and harder to ignore.

As a member of the believing Church, I do not ignore facts and reason in my journey of faith. The facts at hand do not diminish my faith, but usually do the opposite and strengthen my faith.

​My faith in Christ is not merely an accumulation of facts and reason either. God has shown me in my life multiple times His grace and His promise to me and to us. For instance, God has sustained a book written roughly two thousand years ago that still brings relevant teaching to lives of millions of readers.

God has brought me purpose for a life that was consumed by materialism and selfish desires. God has brought comfort in the midst of great loss and in the midst of great joy. Majestically, God maintains the cosmos while simultaneously providing life, love, and purpose to my own personal life.

Patrick hails from the great state of Iowa, which is not known for corn. Bless his heart and soul, Patrick has started the ordination process for the United Methodist Church and is a first year student at Seattle Pacific Seminary. He knows what heartbreak feels like, not because he’s going through the ordination process, but because he roots for the Detroit Lions.

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