More Than 140 Characters

As I prepare sermons on themes of hope (last week) and peace (this week), joy (next week), and love (week after next) I can’t shake off the deep sadness that is weighing my heart down. I’m struggling to find words and the idea of standing in front of my congregation — a few who can’t even fathom why recent events are heartbreaking — feels more like an obligation and burden than joy.

But this is not about me. It’s never about me. And I’m trying to make it all about me.

And perhaps that’s why I feel the way I feel.

In the words of David Crowder “there’s no sorrow that heaven can’t heal.”

Lord, in your mercy…

4 thoughts on “More Than 140 Characters

  1. Remind yourself that it is the same belief that makes you sad that will also heal. Our sadness comes from knowing that the injustice and cruelty we see around us are not God’s desire for his people. But that same knowledge tells us that he knows our failure to live as he wants us to. That’s why he sent Christ. In an odd way recent events should remind us of the message of Advent. Our faith in God gives us hope that someday his peace will be everywhere . So our sadness should turn to joy as we are reminded of his unfailing love even when we don’t deserve it. So when they light the Advent candles this Sunday remind yourself that Jesus came to save us and heal us and he is still here with us.

  2. Psalm 42 “Llke as the deer” How about a series of Sermons, just on this text? The choir can sing a different setting of that text each time you preach. There are so many beautiful pictures to place on the screen as your use this text. I have requested many pastors to do this, but none so far have taken me up on the idea. I love the Psalm and I love the many touching anthems that have been set to this text. Blessings, Larry Jarvis Trinity Lutheran Church Simi Valley, CA

  3. Joseph,
    You might ask yourself this question, “What makes you feel strong?
    All of us struggle with heavy hearts, especially in this world during these days. As you reflect on your congregation, I am sure some of them are just barely hanging on to life and are looking for any kind of hope from anywhere!
    Maybe the best thing is to share your struggle with them. A ‘true self’ is always better than a ‘false self’. People love ‘real’! See Merton for more!
    Having just lost my beloved Mom, I am still trusting that God can take the worst things that happen to us and make them the best things!

    Cheers & Grace!

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