#whyIbelieve: Monica

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I believe that God exists because in order for things, like the chair in front of me, to exist there must have been a creator. In the same way, in order for me to exist, there must have been a Creator who made me.

Believing in the Big Bang Theory and scientific explanations (which, I want to mention, do not inherently conflict with the existence of God) is, I believe, a form of believing in something outside of human existence, outside of human control, in a sense a higher power, whether it be attributed to a being – God – or an undefinable force.

I believe that God exists now by the mere fact that I am physically alive. Going back to the chair analogy, if I created the chair and then ceased to exist, then that chair would have no purpose – it would be “dead.” Someone can argue that maybe we exist but do not have a purpose, like a chair could exist without a purpose, but then that would take away all meaning in life, which inevitably leads to a dying of your emotional/mental/spiritual self, and then, most likely, your physical self. Meaning, you would be dead. Therefore, the fact that I am alive means that my Creator still exists and gives purpose to my life.

I believe that God is a living God, not just somewhere out there, but living inside of me, because He has made me alive in every other aspect – the emotional, mental, and spiritual. I’ve been through periods of my life, when I was more dead inside than alive. Even now, I know when I lack life inside. But I know, truly know, that He has brought the dead to life inside of me and He continues to do so.

I am changed and continue to change only because of Jesus, who is Life, every time I ask for Him and believe. This change and experience proves to me that He is living now.


Monica currently lives in Virginia. That’s all the information she shared. 🙂

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