Maybe You’re the Jerk…?

If you run into a jerk in the morning, there's a good chance that that person was really a jerk.
But if you run into jerks all day long, maybe (and just maybe) you're the jerk?
It's just hard to believe that there are that many jerks throughout your day. I'm not saying that it's not possible. I'm just saying, you might be giving them a reason to be a jerk. And we're so self involved in our emotions that we just might not be aware of the negative vibe we are putting out there for everyone to react to. Or maybe we're giving out more than just negative vibes.
“What is wrong with everybody today?” perhaps should be followed with, “What's going on with me today?”

Or not. Maybe everyone is legitimately out to get you. But isn't that line of thinking also self-involved and self centered? Because contrary to popular belief, other people do have lives and are busy. People have better things to do than make our lives miserable. Arch nemeses only really exist in comic books and movies (based on comic books). You don't really have a Lex Luthor in your life. 1) You're not Superman. And 2) the reality is, if we do have a Lex Luthor type of arch nemesis, we had a very big hand in creating that dynamic. Besides, even Lex and Superman worked together once or twice for the sake of saving the world.
And, you know, the first person you ran into that treated you horribly, there could be a real chance that s/he's having the worst day in her life. And yes, there's a chance that s/he might be some sociopath (psychopath? Man… as a Psych major I should know the difference) and is purposely out there to ruin your (or someone else's) day and stalk you to see how they are affecting you throughout the day.

All I'm saying is, if you perceive everyone around you as something negative, perhaps it would be a good exercise to see if something about you is making them react that way. I mean, just the probability of everyone around you being mean; a jerk; stupid; dumb; impatient; horrible etc — just seems… improbable. Of course, I'm awful with math and being that “probability” is in the math world, I could be wrong.

It just doesn't hurt to be a little bit more kinder. Kindness doesn't do anything but kill the negativity that surrounds us.
“Kill them with your kindness” someone once said. Though, to be fair, I don't know if that saying is good or bad.
They say “misery loves company.” But misery is an awful companion. Wouldn't you rather be in the company of joy and love and grace and all the other emotions that brings out the warm fuzzies in you and everyone else?
So, as Ellen says at the end of every show, “Be kind to one another.”
But since I'm a pastor, I should end with scripture.
“Be kind and compassionate to one another.” Ephesians 4:32


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