• Lenten Diet!

    Some times, I think we make too light of the Lenten Season, especially when it comes to talking about what we give up. A handful of us treat the next 40 days as a quick diet plan — or a time to try out a new diet plan. No carbs. No caffeine. No sugar. No… Continue Reading

  • I Want White People’s Lunch!

    Growing up in the 90’s as an Asian-American kid was interesting. And unless you were a kid of an immigrant family, no one really understands or get your experiences. So it’s been a trip watching ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat.” Though the character (and the writer of the memoir the show is based off of)… Continue Reading

  • #whyIbelieve: Leona

    Before answering the question I want to start off by talking about myself :). I think it was only recently that I discovered that I am sort of a narcissist. God has appeared into my life countless of times and most of the time I was not able to recognize it till years later or… Continue Reading

  • How Open Minded Are We?

    The line that my progressive colleagues seemingly use excessively is that our fundamentalist brothers and sisters need to be more open minded. Whether this is a fair statement or not: it seems like we progressives characterize ourselves of being more open minded than our counterparts. If we are asking the other side to be more… Continue Reading

  • #whyIbelieve: Kara

    Why do I believe? Let’s begin by thinking about this….there are a little over seven billion people on this Earth. SEVEN BILLION. Picture yourself at a mall, an amusement park, a sports game, an airport…you have plenty of time before you need to be anywhere, so you sit down and just watch. You silently watch… Continue Reading