• #whyIbelieve: Seungsoo

    Lifelong Companion If someone asked me whether or not I believe in God, I would say ‘Yes’ with no hesitation. Growing up in a Christian family, and being surrounded by believers, it makes it hard to deny the fact that I believe in God. However, the real question is whether or not ‘I live according… Continue Reading

  • I Didn’t Want to Be a Troll on Facebook

    So, decided to be one on my blog. An institution that I was part of is holding an event (at the time of writing this, the event has not happened): “Moving Faith Communities to Fruitful Conversations about Race, a panel discussion to help faith communities explore fruitful ways of moving forward.” The website describes it… Continue Reading

  • Jurassic Park: The Lost Footage

    I moved to Santa Barbara in the middle of my 6th grade year. At the end of my sophomore year of high school, we relocated to the “paradise” known as Hawaii (I don’t know why I used quotations for “paradise” but it seemed fitting). 20 years or so later, whatever God’s reasoning was/is, he has… Continue Reading

  • #whyIbelieve: Bob

    I grew up in The United Methodist Church. My grandfather was a Methodist pastor; my great-uncle is a retired District Superintendent from the UMC. My parents raised me in the local UMC going to Sunday School and UMYF Well, there was that brief stint in a Presbyterian church. But it was when we first moved… Continue Reading