I Didn’t Want to Be a Troll on Facebook

So, decided to be one on my blog.

An institution that I was part of is holding an event (at the time of writing this, the event has not happened): “Moving Faith Communities to Fruitful Conversations about Race, a panel discussion to help faith communities explore fruitful ways of moving forward.”

The website describes it as “A panel to explore ways churches can address the racial divide in America.”

Don’t get me wrong. This is an absolutely important thing that needs to happen. These conversations must take place. And if I was near the area, I’d brave the cold and attend.

But I took a scroll on the panel and the panel consists of only white and black people.
I get it — this conversation is sparked by the racial tension and unease that exist in our country.

But c’mon. There’s more ethnicities than black and white in our country and certainly in DC.

What? The Asian faith community can’t be part of this conversation? The Hispanic faith community?
It’ll be more truthful if they were to say this event is about “a panel to explore ways churches can address the racial divide between white and blacks in America.”

And this is a silly thing to rant about, I know. But to say that this about how faith communities can have fruitful conversations about race relations and only involve 2 different cultures, well to me, that’s almost the same thing as calling the NBA and NFL champions “World Champions.” How can they be world champions if they didn’t play the entire world? And how can this be about race conversations when it doesn’t involve any other races except blacks and whites?

Educate me, if you must.

/end stupid rant.

One thought on “I Didn’t Want to Be a Troll on Facebook

  1. Great! Thanks for enlightening, I am so often thinking of racial relations in black and white terms. This panel discussion need to take an interest all cultures affects by the Sunday divide. Coming from an AME church background which honestly the name of dominations excludes itself. Christendom has so many factions. …where do we start the conversation?

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