#whyIbelieve: Seungsoo

Lifelong Companion

If someone asked me whether or not I believe in God, I would say ‘Yes’ with no hesitation.

Growing up in a Christian family, and being surrounded by believers, it makes it hard to deny the fact that I believe in God. However, the real question is whether or not ‘I live according to my faith in God’. I can claim to believe in God, but still live according to my own ways, instead following God’s ways. In order for one to live according to the faith of God, they would need to know exactly why they believe in God. Which makes this question, ‘Why I believe’ so important.

I believe in God because God and I have a lifelong companionship. We are in this journey of life together. I believe God has never forsaken me, and never will. This journey of life is a quest on finding my purpose, which is the mission of God, and to see how God is using me to fulfill it. However, there is one condition for this companionship to work. I need to follow God’s lead, and not have God follow mine. Following God’s lead is the essential part of this journey.

There can be three types, and should be more, of people on this journey.

Believe in God, but still follow their will.

I’ve seen many people who believe in God, but couldn’t completely rely onto God’s lead. They might have never experienced how to follow God’s lead. Their life might be heavy with so much burden, but never knew how to put their burdens onto God. When it says in the Bible, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest – Matthew 11: 28 – 30” , this may have never felt relevant to them. Or they tried it but nothing really happened. They might have concluded that in order to survive on this journey, they have to do it their own way. They know God is there, and believe God will help out, when things get out of control… but still they continue on their journey taking the path they deem fit.

Believe in God, but follows the lead of others.

This can sound similar to the person above, but there is a slight difference. They believe in God, but when it comes to fully being obedient to God, they tend more to follow the lead of others. It could be their parents, who always tell them what to do. It could be the message from the world, where it demands them to follow the notion of success. Instead of embracing God’s unique call and purpose on their own lives, they seek to embrace or emulate someone else’s call, passion, or purpose.

Believing in God with full submission.

By categorizing, I’m not trying to say that I’m correct or condemn/shame others. I wanted to point out that God has always been and will always be on this journey with us. The difference is discerning who is in charge: God or me?

I have been on the journey of letting go of control and letting God take the lead. There were times when I wanted to do it my way — as if my plans were far superior than God’s; as if I knew more than God. This tendency — desire — to take control continues to creep up and I suppose this will be a lifelong struggle. There were times when I was following my parents more than following God. Doesn’t mean that I disrespect my parents, but there were times where it seemed like I depended on them more than I did on God. But slowly and surely, I am witnessing how God is leading me pass these stages.

God is molding me to completely rely onto Him. To be in totally submission of God’s lead. God uses the circumstances and event of this journey to remind me that God is in control, not me. God continues to prove that God’s way is better than mine. And on this journey, I feel more blessed to have this companion. Because wherever I am on this journey, there is one thing that will never change: God is with me.

We are in this together, and that gives me enough reason to believe in God.


Seungsoo currently lives in Kentucky with his wife and two sons. You can follow him on twitter and you can check out his blog: junssoo.wordpress.com. Also, please check out his latest project 다리 (Bridge) Builders: dari-builders.com. It is still in its beta phase but once completed, will be a valuable resource to our Korean sisters and brothers


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