• We Don’t Need to Be Jerks

    What is it about us that we’re really good at kicking people when they’re already down and out and hurt? Instead of administering grace, we rub salt on the wound and just rub the hell out of it. Or rather, rub hell in to it. I understand that this is a gross stereotype and that… Continue Reading

  • So Many Things That I Want

    The theme for my life currently seems to be “pending.” Or “TBD.” Actually, I feel like my life has been a continual buffering symbol, spinning and spinning. There’s just a lot of things that seemed to be up in the air for me. That’s not bad. Of course, I have my own desires and ideas… Continue Reading

  • Books, Books, and more Books

    Earlier this year, I wrote about my new year’s resolution regarding three aspects of my life — Mind, Body, and Soul. I wanted to take a few hundred words to keep myself accountable by telling you my progress. My goal this year was to read 24 books — and books in general, not just ministry… Continue Reading

  • It’s Still Real to Me, Dammit!

    For years the world of professional wrestling has been a “guilty pleasure.” Admitting that I partake in watching WWE felt like admitting that my imaginary friend still exists. At the age of 34. (I wonder, though, if the imaginary friend would’ve aged with me…? Do they also grow old? Or do they stay the same… Continue Reading