Miles and Miles by Mike Whang

Just wanted to give a shout out to this artist (Mike Whang) whose album (Miles and Miles) I’m obsessed with.
I met him at our Annual Conference last year and I just didn’t know how much talent this guy had at that time. It wasn’t until after Annual Conference, our mutual friend told me that he was in a band called Nehemiah Band who I knew were big amongst our UMCer’s in SoCal. And of course, his dad being a Korean UMC pastor, our dads know each other.
He just graduated from Duke Divinity, is going to get married, and start a new journey in Texas.

I really love this album and the stories behind the songs.
Go check out his page on Bandcamp:  (and here’s the iTunes link)

And go buy his album. Listen to his story through his songs for he truly is a gifted storyteller and musician. I’m envious.

(note: the image above is from Mike’s album cover designed by James Chong)

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