• Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide (ep. 6)

    6 Episodes in and I can’t tell if I’m getting better at this or not. I can say, I’m having a blast doing this. In today’s episode, we touch on the subject of relationships based on what I heard on The Herd with Colin Cowherd on ESPN sports: People come into your life(or timeline)for 4 reasons.… Continue Reading

  • #youngpeoplecount

    Every church says that they are invested in their youth/young people’s ministry. The key word is they say that they are. But often their actions betray their statements. I was part of the church where the youth ministry was booming and the youth made up about 25% of the church’s number/attendance. I remember our lay leaders arguing… Continue Reading

  • Ethan B (episode 5)

    Ethan, worship leader of University UMC in Isla Vista, stopped by my office to share his story and experience of being openly a Christian and being gay. He has a great story to share and I believe Ethan can (and will) really make a difference in his community and the world. Click here for the… Continue Reading

  • Conversation with Tyler (ep. 4)

    Here’s the first of ( hopefully) many conversations on the podcast. The first conversation is with Tyler, who is one of the praise band members of University Church in Isla Vista. I mentioned in my first episode that I love stories, and this was an opportunity for Tyler to tell a little bit about his… Continue Reading

  • The Volcanic Orange Mini Cooper (ep. 3)

    Last year, we got a volcanic orange Mini Cooper: What does that have to do with seeing Jesus? Check out episode 3 here. You can subscribe on iTunes if you want. And if you do, please take time to leave a review. Thank you, always, for listening. iTunes Link