Death Ain’t Nothing But a Heart Beat Away

I didn’t think Coolio was still around until I heard that he was the half-time act of one of the Clippers games during the playoffs.

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of doing a burial service for a beloved member of our church.
It was only my second one (the first one I did was the one where I forgot my bible…) and I’m hoping that I’ll get more comfortable in doing these as I gain more experience. And I’m certain that I’ll gain more experience because death isn’t something that’ll go away any time soon.

I don’t know why, but I like walking around looking at the tombstones in the cemetery. I’m always wary of where I should walk. I particularly like to look at the ones that have been recently visited and tended too. Most of the times, the flowers left on the tomb coincides with the birthdate or the death date. Some times, it seems random to the outsider. It fascinates me that so many people have gone before me and all that is left of them is this plaque of dates and a few words.

It also jars things into perspective. You see some who lived 85 years. Some who died tragically early. And I can’t help but start pondering my own mortality. I’m 34. Am I halfway done with my life?
If so, what have I accomplished?
What difference have I made?
What will my legacy be?
How will I be remembered?
How long will I be remembered?

I can tell that I started a new chapter in my life when those thoughts start creeping in. 10 years ago, I would’ve still assumed that I’ll be forever young. Untouchable. Ah — the reckless pride of youth.

Who knows how much longer I have. 10 years? 50?
That’s not something I can really control.
But what I can control is what to do with the time I have. To take full advantage of all the opportunities that may come before me. To not take things for granted. To be productive, useful.
To be filled with wonder, joy, love, grace, and hope.

Of course, as we go through life, bitterness and jadedness can seep in and steal those thoughts away.
Seems like a trip to be reminded of my mortality can shake things up once in a while.

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