Conversation with Tyler (ep. 4)

Here’s the first of ( hopefully) many conversations on the podcast.
The first conversation is with Tyler, who is one of the praise band members of University Church in Isla Vista.
I mentioned in my first episode that I love stories, and this was an opportunity for Tyler to tell a little bit about his story and for me (and my 2 listeners, now 3 if Tyler listens to his own voice) to learn more about Tyler. He has a great story to tell (as we all do).
And we explore aspects of his life — like moving to California from North Carolina for an unpaid internship on a political campaign during election season without knowing a soul in Southern California; his first reaction of being in Los Angeles; becoming a pastor’s kid as a freshman in high school as his father transitioned into being a clergy; being a Christian as a 25 year old — we had a great time just digging into Tyler’s story, and we got carried away as the conversation was an hour long. But it was great to see how Tyler sees the world and how God is working in his life.

Here’s the Conversation with Tyler. 

(and here’s the iTunes link. If you get a chance, please leave a rating/review on iTunes. Sorry for the ask, but it helps. Also feel free to leave comments, suggestions, feedback, anything.)

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