I can’t get enough of Gungor’s new album One Wild Life: Soul (available for pre-order right now) I did the special online offer of $25 bucks for all three albums where we get to download it before it’s official release. The One Wild Life is supposed to be a trilogy album: Soul, Spirit, Body. One… Continue Reading

  • e.11 | Director Kang

    For this week’s episode, I swung by the office of our Director of Communications for the Cal-Pac Conference, James Kang. Many of our Cal-Pac folks think that James’s is job is limited to him maintaining the conference’s website. And many of the complaints lodged against him is because of the website. James’s job goes deeper… Continue Reading

  • E.10 Us for Them

    The latest episode of Into the Wilderness is a sermon I preached a few Sundays ago. Our church is wrestling and discerning on becoming a ministry that can be more diverse and inclusive and we were going to have a meeting after service to discern where and how God may be calling us to be.… Continue Reading

  • e.9 | Bob

    I spoke to Bob through Skype and this was the result of our conversation. A hundred miles and a computer screen could not contain his personality because he’s just that guy that loves life and what he does. It’s always a blast talking to Bob. Click here to listen to Bob’s episode! For more info… Continue Reading

  • Like-Mindedness…?

    How do we deal with disagreements? I mean disagreements that goes deeper than: Person A: We should have pizza for dinner. Person B: No. Salad. I think Phantom Menace is the best Star Wars movie (said no one. Ever.) I think Batman is better Superman. Lebron will never be better than Michael Jordan. (… actually, that… Continue Reading

  • e.8 | Won-Seok

    Annual Conference is never my favorite time of the year. But I go because I have to. However, it’s always great meeting up with colleagues and friends and catching up while we melt away in the Redland heat. I was able to coerce Won to lay down an episode before he moves to Hawaii and… Continue Reading

  • Please Pray For America, for This is Now the End

    Since SCOTUS has made gay marriage legal, God’s wrath will NOW come upon us. God is angry with our country that we’ve accepted this abomination and in God’s anger, God will now send judgement and destruction to this once holy land. But, God wasn’t angry: when we killed millions upon millions of native people so that we can have their… Continue Reading