Please Pray For America, for This is Now the End

Since SCOTUS has made gay marriage legal, God’s wrath will NOW come upon us. God is angry with our country that we’ve accepted this abomination and in God’s anger, God will now send judgement and destruction to this once holy land.

But, God wasn’t angry:
when we killed millions upon millions of native people so that we can have their land (often times, in the name of God);
when millions and millions of people were forcibly taken from their native lands to be brought overseas as property;
when we dropped two atomic bombs to end a war;
when we still wage war on poor people, not poverty (they got war on drugs so the police can bother me. And I ain’t never did a crime I ain’t have to do);
God was okay with our country then and through those things.
But now, He’s pissed.

Yes, Senator Cruz, it indeed was the “darkest 24 hours of in our nation’s history” even though a week earlier  9 innocent African Americans were shot for just being black and attending a Bible study. Yes, this was a darker time in our nation’s history than when 20 children were killed just for attending school. Yes, this was a darker time than when 3000 American lives were killed because terrorists flew planes into a building. Because sexuality, and one’s orientation, (oh, and affordable health care) is far more important than life itself. Yes, that was the darkest 24 hours in our nation’s history.

God is ultimately angry with us because God is ONLY interested in our obedience to heterosexual constructions of marriage in the US. God’s okay with us murdering one another; stealing from one another; oppressing the poor; God’s okay with attempted genocide; God’s okay with innocent people getting killed by people in power; God’s cool when the unrighteous prospers — but now, now (finally?) God is angry and God’s going to send his righteous judgment upon us. (paraphrased from Asa Lee’s post).

So, please pray for America while we all move to Canada.
.. wait what? It’s legal there too?