e.11 | Director Kang

For this week’s episode, I swung by the office of our Director of Communications for the Cal-Pac Conference, James Kang.

Many of our Cal-Pac folks think that James’s is job is limited to him maintaining the conference’s website. And many of the complaints lodged against him is because of the website. James’s job goes deeper than creating, updating, and maintaining a website. In fact, we had to pause a couple of times during our conversation because he kept getting urgent calls/messages.

Always misunderstood, I wanted to give him a chance to explain himself, his position, and exactly what he does. (I’m kidding about the “always misunderstood” part. At least I think I am.)

Also, for you Cal-Pac folks, C.School is taking place on 8/4 and you can still register. 

And here’s the episode. 

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Thanks for listening

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