I can’t get enough of Gungor’s new album One Wild Life: Soul (available for pre-order right now)
I did the special online offer of $25 bucks for all three albums where we get to download it before it’s official release. The One Wild Life is supposed to be a trilogy album: Soul, Spirit, Body.

One song I keep coming back to is the song You.

The first time I heard it, it made me pretty emotional (not the only song on this album that did that). And for about the first 100 listens, it made me emotional.
I don’t know why.

The lyrics were so… honest and raw. It’s not like it described my faith journey completely but I related to the lyrics.

There was a point in time where I realized that the Sunday School faith I received no longer fit in my world.
Either I had to walk away from the church OR I had to dumb myself down to believe the cramped box of faith that made so much sense to me when I was 8.
Fortunately, I realized that those were not the only two options. And that’s because there were lots of people who walked with me on my journey that showed me there was more.
It also helped that I was imprisoned by my dad’s calling and couldn’t really avoid church.

It’s a beautiful song about faith. Then losing that faith for whatever reason. And having that faith reemerge with the knowledge that God was (and is) always with us.

When I was born you were my breath
You warmed my skin against your breast
You were my food you were my light
You were my morning and my night
It’s always only ever been
It’s always only ever been you

And then I met you on the wall
You were seventeen inches tall
A painted smile across your face
I prayed for heaven, prayed for grace
I gave my life when I was ten
I prayed in tongues was born again
It’s always only ever been you

You were there
As the world unfolded harsher fare
As the spiral pared the seams
And the brand new colors gleamed
I could only think of you
You were there
Every broken heart and tangled care
Jesus, Savior, Lord, and King
Oh my friend and everything
It was always only you

I saw the writing on the wall
You were a man and that was all
There was no God in heaven above
There was no perfect saving love
It was always only ever me
It was always only me

And then my world was torn apart
I felt a ground, I felt a heart
And all the universe was one
Just like a Father, Spirit, Son
My heart is open once again
A distant love, a forlorn friend
Maybe it’s always ever been You

If you are there
As the world unfolds its harsher fare
As the spiral pairs the seams
As the holy haunts my dreams
I will stay right here with you

You were there
Every broken heart and tangled care
Jesus, Teacher, Brahman Light
Son of God and Source of Life
And it’s always only you

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