• Doug

    Hi All, I stopped by Westmont to visit my former youth pastor Doug for the latest episode of Into the Wilderness.  Doug has always been one of my favorite people in the world and someone who is responsible of the person I am and becoming. He was a vital part of my faith formation at the… Continue Reading

  • Doubt and Faith

    this originally appeared on Ministry Matters I ran into an old friend at a local coffee shop. We were very active in our youth ministry before my dad was relocated and we had to move. Almost 20 years later, we were talking about where life’s journey had led us. He spent his time looking for truth,… Continue Reading

  • Mark Richardson

    Mark, senior pastor of First UMC of Santa Barbara,  and I had a real great conversation about his journey into faith and ministry. Pastor Mark is also a gifted writer and you can check out his blog, Dream Pray Act. Thanks for tuning in!

  • Always and Forever — Podcast Episode 13

    Hello everyone. I realized that is blog has been taken a slight back seat to all the other things I’m doing. That’s not what I wanted and it’s due to my laziness. And also my insecurities that I don’t want to waste your time with nonsense and half thought out, half-hearted words. In the mean… Continue Reading

  • #whyIbelieve: Natasha

    I’ve been approached with this question a while ago, “Why do you believe?” And for a really long time, I’ve been putting it off. It seems as though I’m having difficulty responding to a simple “why” for something that I live for, something that I’d die for, and someone that I claim to be so… Continue Reading

  • Robert English

    Just wanted to share our latest episode. Robert English, associate pastor of First UMC of Santa Monica shared his voice and story. Robert’s a great pastor and an even better guy. Here’s the episode!