Always and Forever — Podcast Episode 13

Hello everyone.

I realized that is blog has been taken a slight back seat to all the other things I’m doing.
That’s not what I wanted and it’s due to my laziness. And also my insecurities that I don’t want to waste your time with nonsense and half thought out, half-hearted words.

In the mean time, you can check out this article I wrote for
This article is one of my most popular ones for the site. I don’t know why it was shared so much and commented on so much. Guess I struck a nerve. Sadly, I think we all have at least one story where we just felt really uncomfortable and/or unwelcome by a church.

Onto the podcast episode. This was originally a blog post, but I decided to vocalize it rather than write it. As some of you may know, we became foster parents in 2014. This is just an update on that journey.

Episode 13: Always and Forever

Thank you for reading and thank you for listening!

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