We celebrate N’s 5th birthday this weekend.
(To clarify, N is the boy looking at the gorilla, NOT the gorilla. We can’t show N’s face or use his name, for that matter, on social media stuff).

To say that there have been some challenges is an understatement. Learning to be parents of a 3 year old with autism on the fly wasn’t the easiest of things.
We’ve done some things well. We’ve made many mistakes. But we learn, we grow, and we love.

And now we patiently wait and pray as we move through the adoption process.

People continually tell us (my wife and I) how much of a blessing it was for him to find a family like ours.
But this is a two way street — it’s been a tremendous amount of blessing to have this boy invade our lives. And invade he did.

Please keep us in your prayers as we navigate through the complex process of adoption and the endless amount of paperwork.

And, happy birthday, kiddo. We love you very much — especially when you’re sleeping.

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