• Let It Go Part 2: I Can Fly

    If only God would do what I tell God to do, life would be so much easier. It’s rather embarrassing how often I try to control how and when God shows up in my life. God doesn’t play by my rules. And I’m constantly reminded: I’m not God. And really, thank God for that. We’d… Continue Reading

  • My 7th 29th Birthday

    Am I really 35? I’m literally in my mid-thirties now. I do not know how to process this. Last week I found not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 white hairs.¬†FIVE. I was in such a shock that they’re still in my hair. Now I’m just too lazy to pull them out.… Continue Reading

  • Are We Too Safe?

    Editor’s note: This is a post written by Daeshik Kim. Daeshik and I are in the process of trying to launch a¬†collaborative blog/website/magazine/newsletter and it’s still in its developmental stage. We have an idea of what we want the medium to represent — it’s just a matter of getting all of our ducks in a… Continue Reading

  • Indefinitely Suspended

    I have been indefinitely suspended from doing my podcast from the Powers-That-Be. Just kidding. That would’ve been kind of cool. But these last 3 episodes are going the be the last 3 episodes for a long time — if not ever. I had an absolute amount of fun doing these things — especially the interviews.… Continue Reading