Indefinitely Suspended

I have been indefinitely suspended from doing my podcast from the Powers-That-Be.

Just kidding. That would’ve been kind of cool.

But these last 3 episodes are going the be the last 3 episodes for a long time — if not ever.
I had an absolute amount of fun doing these things — especially the interviews. Those were often the highlights of my week.
It just got too much to organize, edit, and upload.

Also, when I wrote this post about N and the awfully ear worm of a song Let it Go, I realized just how much I love writing and just how little of it I did once I poured into the podcast. Perhaps if I had a voice for radio, I’d stick through it. Fortunately for me, I have the face for TV. (Ha!)

Daeshik looking like an asparagus talking about deep theological things.

The last 3 episodes are a conversation with Daeshik at the comfort of my kitchen. It was a real long conversation, so I figured I’d split it into 3 episodes.
It’s also fitting that Dae be the last episode, after all he was the one that convinced me to go through with the podcast in the first place. Dae had a pretty hectic couple months at the end of his first year of seminary.
From an existential crisis to a faith crisis to a bout of vertigo to being diagnosed with anxiety — and all of this happening all at once. He talked about just what the hell was going on in his life and his mind during this whole ordeal and how he is moving forward.

here are the episodes:
part 1
part 2
part 3

Dae and I are also dreaming, praying, and brainstorming on a new possible collaborative project (with other folks) that is tentatively titled Empty Church. If that ever takes off, this podcast in some shape or form might make a resurgence. Although, if we do a podcast, Dae would be a better fit to do them.

Anyway, thank you for sticking with me for the past 20 episodes.
I probably had the most fun doing it.

And here’s to keeping this blog (fairly) active!

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