• “Better” Theology

    This originally appeared on Ministry Matters. There’s a phrase — a mantra — a complaint, if you will, that is often expressed by my more progressive United Methodist colleagues (myself included). It’s uttered by us pastors who serve in a community where the more conservative and evangelical churches are growing and growing while our United… Continue Reading

  • Love > Fear

    What gets me isn’t the Donald. What really gets me is the fact that he has a tremendous following — that he’s resonating with folks, so much so he’s leading the pack of Republicans vying for the Republican ticket. There already existed an unwarranted fear of Muslims and people are allowing the likes of him… Continue Reading

  • Not Same

    This is Kevin (I received his permission to post his picture and write about him.) He and his wife serve as the praise leaders of our church: This is a selfie that I just took while writing this (it felt as awkward as I look…): Recently, I felt that I gave a pretty solid sermon.… Continue Reading