Not Same

This is Kevin (I received his permission to post his picture and write about him.) He and his wife serve as the praise leaders of our church:kevin

This is a selfie that I just took while writing this (it felt as awkward as I look…):
Photo on 11-30-15 at 10.32 AM

Recently, I felt that I gave a pretty solid sermon.
A guest must’ve felt the same way too, because they said they “really enjoyed the sermon.”
Except that they said it to Kevin.

That wasn’t the first time Kevin got credit for the sermon.

It happened fairly frequently in the beginning of my appointment at St. Mark. We had an influx of guests coming to check out the new guy and they made lovely comments about me — to Kevin. (Also happens a lot at memorial services with friends and loved ones visiting the church.
But… actually, a couple of them came from long time members in the first few weeks — those who would’ve known who Kevin was because he and his wife have been attending this church for like 10 years.)
Granted, during that time, Kevin and I had similar hair cuts10354954_10101189202820006_358506789640410213_n

But the recent one? I mean, our hair isn’t the same anymore.
And it’s not like we’re a big church. That Sunday, we had a worship of maybe 55 people and our sanctuary lends itself to be more intimate (it’s not a big sanctuary).
I was wearing a sky blue dress shirt with black pants.
Kevin was wearing a t-shirt with khaki shorts.

Kevin and I were talking about what could possibly go through someone’s mind.
“Wow. The pastor changed his hairstyle and clothes AND put on glasses in the span of 5 minutes from the benediction to the door!”

The guy and I don’t even look the same.
He wears glasses! All the time!
His hair is short!
His eyes are bigger than mine!
His skin tone is darker than mine!
We don’t dress similarly — at all!
He’s Japanese! I’m Korean! (…wait, is that different…?)

Yet, I am certain that the most recent of mistaken identities will not be the last. And I know it’s not just limited to this church. It happened in previous appointments and it will happen in new appointments.
It’s like have two Asian males and everyone’s confused. Which one is which? Who is who?

I have half a mind to buy a Kevin a customized shirt that says, “I’m Not the Pastor.”

But interesting enough, no one has mistaken me for Kevin. Maybe nobody likes his guitar skills…



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