This Blog is Still Alive

Sorry for the lack of updates.
I had this post that I was writing, but right now, am distracted.

For those of you that may not know, almost 2 years ago, we welcomed a little boy into our home as a foster child. He was originally set for reunification but later was up for adoption.
Late last year, my wife and I decided that we will move forward with adopting him.
The parent’s court date had been delayed twice for various reasons. But the court date has been finally set. And it’s later in the day today.

It’s been such an awkward time of prayer.
Because essentially what I’m praying for is for the boy to be taken away from his biological parents. Yet, that’s what I continue to pray for.

It’s up to the judge to ultimately decide whether N will be up for adoption or be put back on the reunification track. In the mean time, we wait because the only thing we can do  is wait. And that’s been nerve-racking and frustrating. There is nothing more we can do to help our cause but to wait. And pray.

I’m wary of — and dreading — looking at my phone or checking my emails because I’m afraid of what news we may receive.

All in all — this sucks.
But we continue to prayerfully wait…


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