A Non-Update

I apologize for the lack of updates.
As of writing this, it is a week before Holy Week.
And we, the Yoo Family, are in a season of transition.
Couple of weeks ago, we were instructed by the Powers That Be to make the announcement to our respective churches that we will be moving out of Santa Barbara. We can’t say where yet because everything is still being worked out.

So the theme of transition has been lodged in my heart for the past few weeks.
And in my reflections, it seems to ride along with Holy Week. This week is a journey from life to death to new life through the Resurrection.

I’ll be back when I’m able to fully announce where we’ll be going and the stories behind the transition.

In the mean time, I pray that your Holy Week is deep and meaningful as we pray, reflect, and ponder on the significance of this week.
And may your Easter be filled with hope and joy.

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