• Family Matters

    Recently, we had S — N’s sister — stay with us for the weekend. We’re trying to get them to spend as much time together as possible before we leave on a jet plane to the foreign country known as Tex-As.  We don’t know exactly why, but S was placed in a home first when they were… Continue Reading

  • Houston, We Have Lift Off

    I wrote a few weeks back that the Yoo family is in a season of transition. Now we are able to share with you in detail of that transition. We are transferring out of the Cal-Pac Annual Conference and into the Texas Annual Conference. (There’s a upcoming post talking about why we are transferring conferences).… Continue Reading


    Every year I get a chance to revisit the 12 year old me that still lives vibrantly in my heart — and do it unashamedly. Thankfully, Wrestlemania has become an event in of itself — the Super Bowl of the sports entertainment industry. So it’s not that embarrassing to say, “I watched Wrestlemania” versus “Yea, I watch… Continue Reading

  • On Wearing Masks

    I’ll be back next week with an announcement to make. In the meantime, this post first originally appeared on ministrymatters.com. Go check out the site for great material! One Sunday, our five-year-old foster son wanted to wear his Ninja Turtle costume to church. “Not today, buddy. You can’t wear a mask to church.” While he and… Continue Reading