Every year I get a chance to revisit the 12 year old me that still lives vibrantly in my heart — and do it unashamedly.
Thankfully, Wrestlemania has become an event in of itself — the Super Bowl of the sports entertainment industry. So it’s not that embarrassing to say, “I watched Wrestlemania” versus “Yea, I watch Raw every week.”

I’ve written enough about WWE that it’s no longer a (hidden) guilty pleasure.

I was thoroughly curious about the Hell in a Cell match between Undertaker (51 years of age) and Shane McMahon (47 years old), the son of Vincent K. McMahon, the owner of WWE. I’ll spare you with the storyline of why those two were wrestling.

I was curious because they’re way past their prime and Shane isn’t even a full-time wrestler. In fact, he wasn’t even part of the WWE universe for a while now (I think his last match was in 2009) And their match showed their age. The match, overall, wasn’t as exciting as it could be — but that doesn’t matter. All that we’ll remember from that match is the insane jump and bump that Shane took (47 years old!!!!)

It was crazy. So crazy, I felt the need to spend 10 minutes writing this.

And Shane rightfully received the “Thank you, Shane” and “You still got it” chants from the crowd the next night on Raw.

Alright. That’s enough. For now.

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