#NES #ReservationForTwo

It’s always neat to see what the kids I’ve worked with are up to these days.
Some are doing great things.
Some are still trying to figure out what path is theirs to take.

I just wanted to give a small shout out to one of my former youth student who released his EP with his friend under the name of NeverEndingStory.

I remember Dae Yang as being far more talented and gifted and funny than his older brother, Dae Shik. Dae Shik was (is) a chore to be around. Dae Yang was always fun to be around with this incredible ability to make you laugh. (And I jest, Dae Shik’s alright).

I knew Dae Yang was a great athlete but never knew that he had this in him.

So give their EP a listen here (https://soundcloud.com/nesboys/sets/nes-reservation-for-two).

I’ve listened to this track at least once a day…

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